“We got this”

That’s one of my favorite expressions.

It’s precise. It’s focused. It’s confident.

It’s Truth.

Those of you who know what we are about … the moment has arrived. It’s time for the revolution.

Those of you who are joining us for the first time … please keep coming back. Learn with us. Give us your insights. Ask questions. Offer feedback. Join us in the crusade for lasting peace, which first must be found inside our minds and our hearts before it can be seen in the outside world.

We are all on the same side in this revolution, whether we know it or not. Black or white, Republican or Democrat, Christian or Muslim or Jew; we are spiritual teammates and we want you on offense with us.

The defense that we are fighting – the human ego – is relentless! We have the same common enemy. It attacks us from within. We must arm ourselves with great strength against it.

That starts with recognizing that the world is an illusion and 90 percent of us are sleepwalking through life. Most people think they are awake, which is a big problem. The world is in chaos because of all the zombies bumping up against each other in the middle of the night.

But thousands of years ago, great prophets first told us that the world is not what we think it is. And in the past century, great scientists have proven that the world is not what we think it is.

Finally, over the past few decades, millions of people around the globe have actively listened to the heart-stirring wisdom of the spiritual sages and to the mind-blowing discoveries of the scientific geniuses … and are slowly becoming enlightened to the true nature of reality.

It’s the dawn of a new era. We have reached critical mass.

With 10 percent of the population now awakening, it’s time for those who know to inspire those who don’t.

Be precise. Be confident. Be focused.

Be Truth.

we got this

15 thoughts

    1. i was listening to this Pachebelle’s Canon in D tonight in my new beautiful home & thinking about the one romantic “true love” i ever had. it was played by a harpist, solo, at our wedding. it made me weep then as it makes me weep now but from a different deeper source of love and joy. as i write my book OUT OF THE DARKNESS: TRANSFORMING BEYOND DEPRESSION and recalling
      the love i’ve had in this physical world, i reflect that romantic love is a gift from god, or the intelligent divine source, or the conscious matrix (whatever you call it), to stir and ignite the spark that leads us to true love, the love that originates from the divine…a distant reminder of what love really is, from whence it comes, the original source. my loss of my “true love” and the pain it engendered even 25 years later led me on my search, a path as the buddhists named it of kalama sutta “one’s own way” to the truth…peace, joy and understanding. this canon touches my heart at its deepest source. i hope you will listen to it and feel the joy and love of it.

      pachelbel’s Canon in D–Soothing music(the best version)
      Music Title: Canon in D Composer: J. Pachelbel Genre: Classic

    2. I’m not focused on who finished first but, that we all finish strong…sooner rather than later! Then and only then will we know everlasting peace. Allow the spirit within you to develop and guide you. It may be unnerving at first, as you shed your perceptions of what you think is important and your earthly existence. However when you do, you will inspire others to do the same! Blessings to you!

  1. As someone who likes to think more than talk, the quantum revolution and “New Eyes” will inspire, challenge, clarify and educate individuals who are open to grow and expand. There is something for people of all faiths, traditions and upbringings to grab a hold of to learn and THINK.

    1. Yes, indeed, the mind is a terrible thing to waste. But sometimes the mind is just a terrible thing!

      Eager to be challenged with this venture while learning and growing with everyone.

  2. Quantum counseling, the unconditional love at the groups, and reading ” New Eyes”… Has taught me to see clearly for the first time in 38 years. The revolution has begun. Everyone has a chance to see with new eyes and enjoy living for real w/ there own higher power. Thanks tj

  3. I have been looking for this type of teaching for over 20 years. Ive looked through various relegious and self help groups, and have learned alot of good stuff, and met some very sincere souls on my journey. I was always where i needed to be. Now I feel Im not only where i need to be, im where i was meant to be. Quantum revolution is the beginning of the most beautiful path up my mountain as of yet. Thanks TJ for helping to remove the scales from my NEW EYES.

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