New Eyes Resolutions for the New Year*

1. I will seek Truth in 2017 according to the spiritual intent of tithing, spending 10 percent of my conscious day seeking enlightenment and spreading the light.

2. I will accept that physical chaos is a part of my world and then I will strive to see the organization behind it so that emotional chaos diminishes.

3. I will embrace consciousness as fundamental, and remember at least once every day that everything is made up of energy.

4. I will recognize I am a vessel of light, that the atoms that comprise my body are merely tiny vehicles that transport and transmit energy.

5. I will seek balance in all things mind, body and spirit while understanding that others, whether they know it or not, are also seeking balance.

6. I will respect Hebb’s Law with awareness, practicing unifying thoughts and behaviors that allow me to become spiritually perfect.

7. I will realize that everyone is seeing the world through their own relative lens and that the world does indeed literally revolve around each individual, inspiring me to seek to understand others as often as I seek to be understood.

8. I will remember that the future includes an infinite array of possibilities …

9. … and that the manner in which I perceive the future will influence which of those possibilities I experience.

10. I will embrace humanity as a sea of entangled energy and recognize that a rising tide lifts all boats, only sending out healthy spiritual sentiments to the world.

11. I will honor the concept of Memento Mori, so that I will spiritually live before I physically die.

12. I will emphasize the growth of my mind and soul as more essential than the development of my body or bank account.

13. I will row, row, row my boat gently down the stream of consciousness and will do so merrily merrily merrily merrily, realizing that life is but a dream.

14. I will never forget that reality is a mirror, reflecting back at me opportunities for spiritual growth.

15. I will release time from controlling my life and forgive it as if it never existed, because it doesn’t.

16. I will write a healthier script for myself, as we are all souls and the physical world is our stage to act out our own plays.

17. I will give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s after I understand what that really means; but I will seek first the Kingdom of God and therefore give to God that which is God’s.

18. I will remember that my physical body is a costume for my soul and that other beings are also wearing energy clothing of many shapes and colors, allowing me to see the spirit behind their masks.

19. I will evolve so that I no longer revolve, emphasizing my need to embrace adversity instead of resisting it.

20. I will acknowledge that science has limitations and that succeeding in life requires going inside myself, as the Kingdom of Heaven does not come with observation.

21. I will use the Law of Attraction correctly, first seeking to bring spiritual qualities into my life before focusing on manifesting material things.

22. I will be mindful that my soul is playing a spiritual game that requires acquiring virtues to win, and that all other human beings are my teammates who are playing the same game, whether they know it or not.

23. I will fear no evil, as my soul cannot be hurt and whatever happens to me in the physical world is always an opportunity for spiritual growth.

24. I will wake up within this illusion by detaching from the ego while practicing the metta prayer, wishing all others peace in their hearts.

25. I will work on my own righteous perfection, focusing on my development before concerning myself with the flaws of others, so that I may be born again as a pure spiritual being.

26. I will strive to win the real battle inside my own mind, between my true spiritual self and the false ego self.

27. I will deepen my spirituality by striving for a direct perception of Truth through wisdom and faith.

28. I will receive the light so that I may give the light.

29. I will prepare myself with great strength so that I will not be drawn back into the darkness that others may express.

30. I will not force my views on others and will submit myself in the physical world to the power of the spiritual world.

31. I will honor and respect all points of view as relative experiences of others striving toward Truth, which is universal and accessible to all.

32. I will focus on unifying souls through insight and action, not being an agent of divisiveness.

33. I will allow the ego in me to be crucified, painful as it may be, so that I may be born again as a perfected spiritual being.

*From the 33 Levels in the book “New Eyes,” which was inspired by the discoveries of the world’s greatest scientists and the wisdom of the world’s greatest spiritual traditions.


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