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The first post there is the “Sermon on the Mount” from a “New Eyes” perspective, as author Steve Treu discusses the deeper meaning of Christ’s teachings … looking at the inspirational sermon from the soul’s point of view and not the body. Recognizing that Jesus is talking directly to your soul and not to the ego aspect of self (the “false” physical dimension) makes a tremendous difference in these teachings.

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There will be many more podcasts and videos coming this year, as Quantum Revolution is preparing to release a video on “Hope Is Dope” soon … the science and spirituality of healing from heroin addiction. When you SUBSCRIBE to the Quantum Revolution YouTube account you will be notified whenever new audio and video links are posted.

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2 thoughts

  1. It is so exciting to witness and to be a part of the birth of a Great Spiritual Awakening! These 47 minutes and NEW EYES are just the beginning. Thank you “TJ”!!

    1. Hi JoAnn,

      We start filming our “Addiction Cure” video next week … and next month we begin the “New Eyes” video series …

      – TJ

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