Quantum Revolution

QR logo initials_Oct 2015 (1)All over the globe, people are beginning to rise and recognize that they are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Accordingly, our mission at Quantum Revolution is to facilitate an evolution of consciousness, applying science and spirituality in mental health and addiction treatment.

We are a growing network of counselors, physicians and other professionals who are dedicated to exploring every possible avenue that will assist anyone who is interested in experiencing the potential life-altering insights that “quantum spirituality” can provide.

During a time when chaos continues to rule the world, we believe that real change only happens within each individual and that ultimately the world is actually changing us. Our universe is – as so many wise spiritual leaders have taught – a mirror for our developing souls. Turns out that quantum physics is suggesting the same thing.

Having established a hope-based therapy called quantum counseling, we intend to be a leader in the world-wide movement of conscious expansion. Our vision includes the practical application of scientific and spiritual truths, helping to bring people of every nation together in a goal of unity consciousness.